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Questions and Answers about our Toddlers Program

Is Poko Loko Licensed?

Yes. All Poko Loko Early Learning Centers are fully licensed and have been since their inception in 1965.

Does Poko Loko accept part-time Toddlers?

Yes. Toddlers can be either full-time or part-time. Please ask our directors what days are available.

Is the staff qualified and educated?

Yes. To be a teacher, one must have at least two years of college and six credits of early childhood education. To be a teacher’s aide, one must have at least a high school diploma. All of our teachers and aides meet or exceed these requirements. In addition to education, a very important qualification is experience. Our staff is very experienced, and we have very low turnover.

How does Poko Loko prepare for an emergency?

Poko Loko administers a monthly fire drill during which the entire school is evacuated. We also run two tornado drills a year. These drills are performed in order to prepare both our staff and our children for an emergency. In addition, our center is linked to the fire department so if an alarm goes off, the fire department is immediately notified and deployed.

What does Poko Loko do in case of an emergency?

We immediately call 911, perform necessary 1st aid/CPR, and comfort the child. Then we call the parents to let them know about the situation. When emergency help arrives, we follow their instructions.

What are Poko Loko’s ratios?

Our toddler ratio is fifteen toddlers with three caregivers. Each toddler room has a maximum of ten toddlers with two teachers.

How will Poko Loko transition my child as she grows up?

Periodically throughout the year children will move up to an older room. The children are usually eager for this move because they are going to a new room that is stimulating and exciting. Their curriculum is getting more challenging, and they will be encouraged to learn and try new things. To help with this change, Poko Loko will let the child visit the new room before she moves. Parents will also be informed of this move and will be asked to sign a Transition form.

Where do Toddlers sleep at naptime?

Our toddlers take their naps on toddler-sized cots. Each child has his own cot with a blanket and sheet that is washed at least twice a week. If two part-time toddlers share a cot, the linens and cot are washed between uses.

Does Poko Loko provide daily information sheets to parents?

Our toddlers each go home with a “Toddler Tidbit” sheet that lets the parents know about what happened during the day. In addition to this, we encourage parents to talk to the teachers on a daily basis.

Will my Toddler have a set schedule?

Yes. As toddlers, the children are introduced to a preschool schedule that is modified to be appropriate for their young age. The children eat breakfast, two snacks, and lunch together, and they all nap at the same time. Every morning the children enjoy their preschool activities; these activities include story time, circle time, music time, etc. Each child also completes a project; the projects may include finger painting, easel painting, bingo markers, coloring, etc. Throughout the day, the children have structured play times; activities during these times include playing with small manipulatives or large manipulatives, dramatic play, reading books, etc.
Every month the parents receive the curriculum that their child’s class is following. The curriculum includes the special subjects the children are learning about and any special projects they will complete as well as our special songs, books, and activities.

What will my child eat?

Poko Loko provides a hot and nutritious breakfast prepared by our chef for children who are at the center by 8:00 a.m. The children are fed a snack at about 10:00 a.m. and then again after naptime. Snacks may include fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers, etc., and milk or juice. Children are served a hot, nutritious, delicious lunch every day. Parents may take a copy of our monthly menu to see what we are serving. Please let your child’s teacher know if there is anything your child cannot have.

What do I need to provide for my Toddler?

Parents are asked to provide diapers and wipes for their own child. We also ask you to leave a weather-appropriate outfit at the center in case we have to change your child for any reason. If your child uses a sip cup, you can leave one here that we will label and use only for your child. We will eventually teach the children to drink from a disposable cup. If your child has a special blanket that comforts him at naptime, please feel free to leave that with us also. Please label your child’s clothes and special articles with his name.

Can I visit whenever I want?

Poko Loko has an open door policy with parents; parents are welcome at any time. We just ask that parents keep their child’s comfort in mind. A fifteen-minute visit with Mommy or Daddy is wonderful, but often our younger children naturally think that when Mom or Dad comes, this means they are going home. Please try to consider if this situation would be difficult for your little one; as stated above, parents are welcome to visit at any time. Parents can also call to check on their child at any time. If you need to pick up your child in the middle of the day for a doctor’s appointment or even for lunch with your coworkers, please just let us know beforehand so that we may have her ready.

Will my Toddler get to go outside?

Yes, we have areas for all of our children to play outside. We also have baby buggies that the teachers use to take the children for walks. We ask that you leave your child with appropriate outerwear (including hat and gloves if needed) so that he is comfortable while outside.

What happens when my child is sick?

A child must stay home if he has a temperature of 101ºF or above, has diarrhea, is vomiting, or has an undiagnosed rash. He must also remain at home if he has been diagnosed with something contagious (chicken pox, conjunctivitis, etc.). The child may return when he has been fever or vomiting free for 24 hours or when he is no longer contagious. If he has conjunctivitis, he may return when he has been on the prescribed eye drops for 24 hours. When we have a report that a child has something that is contagious, we will send a note home to the children in his class. Please remember to keep your child home when sick; this will prevent another child from getting it, which then might prevent your child from getting it again. Please also remember how you feel when you are sick; it is very hard on a young one when he has to put in a full day’s “work” and he is not feeling well.

What if my child needs medicine?

If your child is on an antibiotic or another medicine and one of the doses has to be given during the school day, please inform your child’s director and teacher. You will be asked to complete a short medicine form indicating the dosage and time the medicine should be administered. All medicine must be in the original prescription bottle or in the original over the counter bottle. Please take any medicine home as soon as your child no longer needs it.

What if my child has an allergy?

Parents are asked to keep us informed about any allergies that appear. We will then post a sign with the child’s picture on it in his classroom so that caregivers are constantly reminded of this allergy.

What about diapers and wipes?

Parents are asked to provide diapers and wipes for their own child. We will try to inform you when your supply is running low.

How often will my Toddler be changed?

Children’s diapers are changed about every two hours. If a child is fussy or poopy, then he will be changed right away.

How does Poko Loko deal with a child that bites?

Biting is one of the most difficult (yet common) situations to deal with in the younger classrooms. When a young child bites, it is not always out of aggression; we, as teachers, try to figure out why a child bites and under what circumstances it is most likely to happen. Some children bite out of curiosity, some out of frustration, some even bite out of hunger. Our staff works with the parents of a biter to help stop a child from biting; we will try to minimize the situations that seem to promote biting. If the biting continues, measures taken may include asking the parents to shorten the child’s day or transitioning the child to a new room.

Does my child need immunizations?

Every parent is asked to keep their child’s immunizations, exams, and tests up to date; we require that parents provide us with a current medical form completed by a doctor and keep us informed (in writing) of any updates. If a child is not able to receive any immunizations at the required age (due to illness, etc.), we ask that the parents get a note from the doctor indicating at what age the child will get them. We appreciate the cooperation of all of our families in this matter. Please remember that our first concern is for the health and safety of all of our children.

Does Poko Loko accept State Aid from families in need?

There are state agencies that offer financial help to families that meet their requirements. We will help parents complete any paperwork that is needed to apply. When a family is approved by the agency, we accept the payment from the organization. The parents are then responsible for the difference between our tuition and the amount that the agency pays. Please talk to one of our directors if you have any questions.

What does Poko Loko do for security?

Poko Loko will only release a child to the child’s parents or someone that the parents have named as an approved pick-up person. These people must be included on the registration form, and we ask that the parents inform us when these people will come. Whenever we do not know or recognize someone, we will ask to see a picture ID. Please understand that we are doing this for your child’s safety. In addition to this, the entrance doors are locked and have a number-coded entry pad. The parents are given the code when their child starts with us. All of Poko Loko’s teachers and employees have been fingerprinted and have had background checks done.