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About Us


"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Austin for three years. he has learned an incredible amount and has made several friends including his teachers. We feel you are apart of his family. We have always felt safe and comfortable leaving him in your care, and for that we are grateful.
Our best wishes for many years of continued success for Poko Loko."


"What can I possibly say to thank you enough for your time, your concern and your sincere caring you have shown me and my children over the past five years? A mere thank you doesn't seem enough. It is difficult enough to be a single parent. You have more than helped me carry the load of caring for my children.
I am forever grateful for all you have done and for helping us be a family again."


"No one was more skeptical than I was, when I brought my little one to you, for you to watch over. Since you know just how fussy and particular I am, you know that this comes from our hearts. Thank you ever so much for your loving, warm, thoughtfulness to our family, especially the superior care to our Valerie. I feel sorry that so many more people cannot benefit from the great child care program you offer."